The Girl Who Didn’t Give Up

Everything feels a million times magnified when you come out of a breakup. You start noticing your friends are all in relationships, a million new engagements pop up on facebook, here comes the babies, and lets not forget you’ll no … Continue reading

What Would T. Swift Do?

Jesus Herbie Christ, Mary and Joseph. What in the heck kinda rubbish did I publish? I just looked at my last blog, and it just had a random sentence that trailed off it at the end. What in the hell was I thinking? I wasn’t. I was hurt. I was crying loads. I was devastated.

I spent the weekend after my first date since the ‘break-up’ in a haze. I don’t want to date anyone else. I don’t like this feeling of even thinking about being intimate with someone else. How do I ‘move’ on? How do I pull an Elizabeth Gilbert and let go of ‘us’? Send him light and love? Fuck that. I want to punch him in the face, because I haven’t been sleeping thanks to the crappy fucking pillows I let him convince me we needed for the bed.

Do other people have these kinds of problems when it comes to break-ups?

Yeah, her name is Taylor Swift. She has a hella-hot new boyfriend, so there’s hope for me yet. Or not…because this is the kind of messages I’m getting on the dating app now:

Cock Man Oppressor 2


My response was sincerely: Are you fucking kidding me?


Cockman Oppressor


Why do men think it’s okay to speak to women like that? I mean, I get it. It’s the internet, but still. Unless you’ve bought me a three day weekend in Barcelona, get your penis away from my golden vagina.

He blocked me shortly after, but not before my excellent screen shot skills came into play. That’s when I realized I was missing laughter in my life. No wonder my writing, my general mood, and all that is around me was becoming more and more complacent. I wasn’t laughing through it like I normally do!

Thanks to the Supreme Court, I’ve come to the conclusion:

Gay Friends First

I’ve never really been a relationship person. I don’t let people in. That’s what hurts so much about this particular break-up. This guy knew all of those things and chose to take me to a place that I have never been, then mysteriously disappeared like mother f’ing Batman. On the plus side, maybe I was dating Batman.

This week my friends have really come through for me, because they know that I don’t do ‘love’ or let people in like that, with words of encouragement and copious amounts of wine.

Pats And Eddie

I’ve stuck myself back into my career, and well you gotta have a hardcore vagina and a boat load of strength to be a female writer, comedian, and general bad-ass. *see Creative Writing below


True Careers 1                True Careers 2 LOL


No more winging about, like a heart-broken lunatic. I was so down in the dumps that I couldn’t see my strengths. I’m not gonna heal overnight. There was even a moment I told the ex that there was no God, and boy did ‘The Big Guy’ knock me down a notch. My whole world came to a halt. This relationship wasn’t a test of my strength. It was a test of my relationship with ‘The Big Guy’. I lost faith in everything including myself. But in the end, we patched things up. I figured it out when God made it abundantly clear:


God Forgives ME

It’s not my fault some guy hasn’t realized this about me yet:


Marry Her Yesterday


And until I meet Mr. Right, I’m gonna keep writing the way I want to write, with the kind of comedy I want to put in, no matter who it offends. Because this is about me, not ‘you’.

Go Make Art

And yeah, there will be days that I see things like this outside my house:

Red Balloon Over Bath

And my heart smiles thinking of all the reasons I loved this one man, and why this is so special to him.


And with that…I’m getting my sassy groove back. Because it’s gonna be alright.

“I’m just gonna shake it off!” *commence half-naked pants dancing in the living room, and yes my giant bay window faces the very public street.

xx Sassy Lil’ Biscuit

Summer of Fun

This was supposed to be the ‘Summer of Fun’. Instead it has been the Summer of Suck.

‘One thing after another’ has been the theme of the week. Someone kindly reminded me yesterday that my writing was sucking, too. *that comma is there to annoy him. 🙂

I lost sight of who I am. What I want. My drive, my focus, my passion. So, God hit the reset button.


Tammy Gif LOL


I was fighting ambiguous loss. I lost, the one person, the most important person in my life. I read an article in Elite Daily today, and it all started to make sense. We have to be able to learn from everything, especially the bad stuff. The stuff we don’t want to happen. Things we have no control over. “You don’t need someone who understands you, just someone who wants you,” Paul Hudson says in Dating. He goes on to say,

“If you want to find the right person to spend your life with, then find someone who recognizes you as being important enough to fight for.”

That’s it. When do we convince ourselves to let go of something that was important, and move on? Remember my three day rule from Hope You Have An Amazing Birthday…And Get Raped By a Bear? That didn’t apply here. I fought. I fought hard. With blogs, love letters, texts, calls, and an mp3 file via email. LOL. In the end I wasn’t important enough to fight for.

I know. That is a hard thing to admit, but you have to treat people who walk out of your life like the dead ones. You mourn them just like someone who commits suicide because there are no answers. The sooner you quit torturing yourself for them, the faster you can begin to heal. And how does this Sassy Lil’ Biscuit heal? With a new writing gig involving dating–and sex toys! Shit yeah. So, it’s back to online dating. “Hey Girl, looking for something serious?”

Trolling for Daddy

Also, it’s back to writing that second book…

Final Cover Thai

A journey of self-discovery, self-healing, learning how to live, and I mean really live. I’d Rather Die Than Eat Thai is a book about ambiguous loss, and how to pull yourself out of self-loathing. I thought this book would end with a true love story, but I’m not Elizabeth Gilbert. Then again, maybe I should be:

Eat Pray Love

I woke up today realizing that I haven’t eat in three days. I’ve been so depressed I just fucking forgot to eat. And I forgot to fucking curse. I forgot who I was…I forgot to moisturize. I can’t get saggy skin. OR bags under my very pretty eyes. I’m single.

So, I’m gonna eat some mother fucking pizza today. Screw weight loss.

pizza love

I also have a date tonight. No doubt you’ll hear about it soon. Just because someone walks out of your life doesn’t mean that you have to quit living. If they don’t want you, you need to surround yourself with people who do.

xx Sassy Lil’ Biscuit

The Interview

You know that moment when you sorta start to get somewhere with your goals, your hopes, your dreams? I always thought that moment would be, like, amazing. I’ve dreamt of that ‘Tonight Show’ moment when you’re ‘in’, and joking around because the person interviewing you is genuinely interested in you and your career.

Yeah. That did not happen last week.

I booked what I thought was my first interview of sorts…I was listening in, getting ready to dial. The hosts were having a blast with the other comedians asking about their backgrounds, and jokes they write. I’m thinking, ‘Oh! This is so awesome!’ These people are from my hometown, and I’ve just got home from a stint in the UK. ‘So awesome!’

I was opening a gig for Grandma Lee and Jeff Zenisek. I was stoked. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah. I thought so…until, just as I was calling in, the hosts took a call from someone else. The drunk guy. I got stuck with the drunk caller. It was very painful.

judge smails gif

You always try and handle the heckler with style and grace. I did not. Dropped the F-bomb on air, cause nothing else was gonna come outta my mouth. Yeah, wasn’t as graceful as I wanted to be or imagined myself being.

Busey Gif

I wasn’t even sure at one point what I was even doing, why I was even on air. It was slightly embarrassing. Okay. It was totally embarrassing. I’m sure they thought it was going to be funny, but the guy that called in was shwasted. For those of you that don’t know, that means: drunk out his ever loving mind.

Right off the bat Schwasted Guy is like, ‘You don’t know me’. I literally just went weird. As I start talking he interrupts with, ‘What the fuck are you even talking about?’ The hosts even told him at one point, ‘we appreciate you calling in.’

Um…I don’t. Dude just starts slamming me while I’m talking. All I hear is “BOOOOOOOO” over everything I was saying. The hosts are laughing. Not me. Then! Shwasted Guy starts telling me I should be more excited about my own gig.

Richard Pryor Gif

I got to the point where I was able to talk and here comes Shwasted Guy with, “I do things that still matter.” Right as I’m plugging my Clash of the Comics gig at the IMPROV in Kansas City.

There was a moment where he asked if he could give me advice. Of course, why say no? He comes out with, “Why are you calling in looking for advice on plugging yourself and shit?” Dude. I was calling in cause I thought these guys from my hometown were trying to help me promote myself as a comedian, and interview me for an upcoming gig.

I was wrong.

Ricky Gervais Gif

As if it wasn’t awkward enough. I wanted to be like: You don’t know me either. I’ve done stuff. I’ve done stuff!

Friendly finger

I couldn’t even say what I had done professionally because the Shwasted Guy wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise on his little drunk dial spree. Finally, one of the hosts asks what all I have done, and I’m like–Uh…

I don’t know. Clearly nothing. I couldn’t even name the last venue I performed at in the UK.  I shut down.

I've done nothing

I finally let Shwasted Guy have it. Said he was in dire need of a blow job. He asked if I was gonna give it to him. I should have channeled my inner ‘Karen Walker’.

Karen Walker gif

But not your penis. *insert cheeky grin.

I didn’t do that. I just sat there. Very awkward. Especially when he told me he wanted to give me advice. I’m not here to ask for advice, Drunko McDouchebag Pants. This is not how I thought this was gonna go.

I thought I was gonna be like: Yeah, I got into comedy when I started writing for Second City, Hollywood. Just finished up some sweet gigs at Komedia and Oxjam Festival in the UK. Am currently working on a feature film with a brilliant Italian director and producer in NY. Getting ready to hit Clash of the Comics in Kansas City at the IMPROV. I write a comedy blog, that was developed because of a novella I published on the comedy of dating, called Hope You Have An Amazing Birthday…and get raped by a Bear. Yeah, I titled my book that. So, Charleston is my home town and a lot of people have been asking when I would do a gig here at Comedy Zone–thanks to Sam and BT, we made it happen. Then the guy interviewing could be like ‘So, you wrote in the UK. What’s comedy like there?’ And so on…

HAHA gif

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Drunko McDouchebag Pants turned me into a blubbering fucktard. Then he started telling me what to do. I just wanted to be like:

Amy Poehler gif

Only I can make fun of me, Buster. I kinda know what I’m doing. I should have just said: Google me, Mother Fucker.

But alas, I am not that cool in an interview.

Paul Rudd gif 1

Mac and Me gif

Paul Rudd gif 2

Next time I shall channel Paul Rudd. Genius. He’s a genius on Conan.

I could be upset about the interview, but I’m not from North Korea. Might not have been what I expected, but it was awesome–either way. Cause I learned some stuff, and made some friends. Or so I thought. Dammit. They offered me a spot on this week’s show. The first spot, which is 30 minutes. They advertise said show yesterday: I’m not on the list of people on it. Some other comedian is…

Mr. Farley Gif

I’m pretty convinced I’m the butt of some cruel joke, or people here just aren’t interested in me. I’m the everyman. I really have done some pretty cool shit. Just no one asked me about it. That, and when men move their lips here, I’m now convinced, they’re pretty much lying.

However! I am classy and sassy. So. I will heed the advice of the great comedian Taylor Negron, who was the ‘classic’ everyman, and wrote this beautiful sentiment just before his very untimely passing:

“I look at my alternative everyman predicament this way. By letting go of what you thought was going to happen in your life, you can enjoy what is actually happening.

That is what I do.

I’m That Guy.”

Brittany Standup

Upward and onward. I’m not giving up on that interview with Jimmy Fallon, though. Mark my words: I’ll sit in that chair across from him, one day, dammit.

xx Sassy Lil’ Biscuit